Home Additions

Room additions add a lot to a home. Apart from extra space, room additions increases the overall home value. Different designs and solutions are available for your home. Building can be in a direct connection to an existing floor of the home, or alternatively building on top of the existing home as a second story. In order to begin a city permit is necessary. Since cities are known to be tight and over crowded some areas specify which additions are allowed. Cooperation with the governing rules and codes are a must.

Dhe Best Constrcution will work with you on every aspect of the process. From the design of the addition, to the city approval, and through the actual construction process. Dhe Best Construction will obtain all necessary permits for the project, taking the responsibility and stress off your shoulders. Many solutions are available for problems arising with the process. Ensuring that the final result fit your home and style. Home Additions are one of DHE Best Construction’s specialties.

We look forward to providing you with the golden standard.
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