10 Unique Bathroom Tile Designs: Best Bathroom Tile Options

Your bathroom is a place where you can make a splash design-wise. These 10 unique bathroom tile designs are a step above standard tile choices. If you want to make your bathroom pop, read on for ideas to take your design to the next level with Dhe Best Construction as your remodeling partner. 

10. Revamped Checkerboard

A new take on the old checkerboard look can give your bathroom an old-school-meets-fresh-takes feel. The best option is to choose a tile with smaller black and white squares to complete your modern look.

9. Lean Into Nature

Leaning into nature is all about choosing natural tones. Soft gray tiles or a light sky blue can give your bathroom the feel of being a part of the natural world. Match the nature in your area for a personal touch.

8. Matching Colors with Different Shapes

If you have a favorite color in mind one of the best options is to use that color and mix in different tile shapes. For example, you can use large square tiles for the flooring with a color-matched hexagonal tile for the walls. 

7. Tie Together Tile and Wood

It can be hard to choose between tile and wood. When you work with custom remodelers, you don’t have to choose! A classic choice is to use tile around your shower or tub and wood flooring throughout the rest of the bathroom.

6. Shower Accents

If you’re looking for a centerpiece area of your bathroom, making an accent with your shower tiles will draw all the right attention. You can make the shower tile a light color and have everything else in darker tones, or do the opposite. 

5. Mix and Match

When you simply can’t decide which tiles you like the best, mix them together! Mixing different shapes and colors can work well. The main factor to keep in mind is whether your options complement each other.

4. Go Bold with Large Tiles

A bold statement throughout the whole bathroom can be achieved with large tiles. A multi-colored checkerboard pattern or a bright color in hexagonal tiles can be a lively touch. Choose your favorite shape and go from there.

3. Choose Accent Colors

A bathroom can be a great space to use light, neutral tones. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of color. A bright red or blue backsplash, for example, can pair well with white walls. A bright color in a small space will make a nice pop.

2. Monochrome Is In

When you have a favorite color, sometimes all you want is everything in that shade. A monochrome bathroom is an excellent way to get your favorite-color fix in a small space. Choosing a lighter color will keep the room from feeling cramped.

1. Tap Into Texture

Textured tiles add a unique element to any bathroom space. Textured options can be especially well-suited to your shower. Find a texture that feels right under your hand–or foot–to give your bathroom a touch of comfort. 

Unique Bathroom Tile Design: Make a Splash with Your Backsplash

A unique bathroom tile design is one of the best ways to dress up your bathroom in a subtle and refreshing way. Schedule a free estimate with us today to learn how Dhe Best Construction can up your tile game and revamp your bathroom. 

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