When Should You Update Your Home? 5 Facets of Home Upgrades

When should you update your home? What updates are the most important? Why should you make those updates? Read on to learn all this and more, and prepare for the necessary updates your home needs through the years. 

5. The Upgrade Timeline

The guidelines around when you should update your home cover a lot of ground. The general rule of thumb is to upgrade your home every 5 to 10 years. That applies to any home–newly built, old construction, or anywhere in between. In that 5 to 10 year timeline appliances and structural factors will start to require some upkeep. 

4. Upgrade Order of Importance

When it comes time to consider the updates your home needs, there’s a list you can work from to keep everything in tip-top shape. Some of the main places to start include plumbing, heating, and wiring. Those areas of home repair can cause major problems if you don’t stop problems before they begin. 

Structural work, including floors, walls, and the ceiling and roof, are similar in importance to plumbing, heating, and wiring. Keeping the structure of your home sound will limit the issues you can run into later on. 

Beyond those basic needs, fittings and appliances throughout your home should be on your regular checklist. The list ranges from your refrigerator, which lasts between 10 and 20 years, to a dishwasher that tops out around 10 years. There are plenty of individual items to keep in mind. 

3. Resale Value

When you’re answering the question of “When should you update your home?” There’s a follow-up question of “Why should you update your home?” The immediate answer is: to keep your home safe and functional. On top of that, maintaining your home with regular updates keeps your resale value at a consistent level with the value of your home. 

If you’re planning to sell your home, keeping the resale value at a consistent level with the surrounding real estate is a good plan. Regular updates will help you maintain that value. 

2. Planning Ahead for Upgrades

When you start to think about all the upgrades your home will need through the years it can become overwhelming. To avoid coming up with a massive list of upgrades and feeling unsure, it’s best to plan ahead in manageable steps. 

You can set up portions of your budget for necessary upgrades. You should also have a rough estimate of when you’ll check in with each part of your home to start each project. Having those plans in place will make each upgrade less of a hassle.

1. Safety First

The most important aspect of necessary home upgrades is safety in your home. When you’re deciding whether it’s time to upgrade a specific area of the home or an appliance, ask yourself if it’s still operating safely. If not, or if there’s a question around the answer, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Upgrading Your Home: Safety and Security, Close To Home

When you’re planning your home updates, reach out to Dhe Best Construction. We can help you create a plan for updates and find the best ways to keep your home safe and comfortable. 

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