Low Impact Renovations: 4 Low Impact Renovations For Tenants

When you’re a tenant it can be hard to find the balance between renting a place and making it your own. That’s where low impact renovations come into play. Low impact updates to your rental space can give it new life without demolishing any part of it. 

There are a great deal of low impact renovations you can use in your space. At Dhe Best Construction we offer tenant improvement renovation options. We can help you upgrade a rental with the support of your landlord. 

Read on for four of the best low impact renovations for tenants. We can help you with these or with larger projects. When it comes to extensive tenant projects we recommend working with experts, to make sure everything is to your landlord’s satisfaction.

4. Knobs and Fixtures

Knobs and fixtures get paired together because they are similar levels of work. Replacing cabinet knobs, light fixtures, and even your outlet covers can be done in an afternoon. 

It’s also easily undone, leaving your landlord without something to replace or repair. You can get creative with these replacements, knowing that when you potentially eventually leave, you can take them with you. Holding onto the old knobs and fixtures is something to plan as well.

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is fairly middle of the road in terms of how easy it is to renovate. Putting wallpaper up is a somewhat easy process. When it comes to taking it down it can be tricky. It all depends on the type of wallpaper you use.

Before you wallpaper your rental, do your research. Find out what your local shop has available and consult an expert on wallpaper removal. Check in with your landlord as well to see if they’re okay with wallpaper going up. 

2. Backsplash

Backsplash is similar to wallpaper in that the type you use determines how easily you can remove it. When you remove backsplash you often have to do a small amount of repair work to the wall. 

Be prepared for that, and be very careful when you remove it. If it increases the property value your landlord may prefer that you leave it.

1. Vinyl Sticker Flooring

Who knew you could renovate your floors as a tenant? Vinyl sticker flooring has been gaining popularity in recent years and it’s one of the boldest changes you can make to your space. 

The removal of vinyl sticker flooring can be a hassle. This is definitely a renovation that should be run by your landlord and likely worked on with professionals. 

Low Impact Tenant Renovations: Upgrade Without Upheaval

When it comes to upgrading your space as a tenant there’s only so much you can do. Of course, tenant remodeling often comes with approval from the landlord, and occasionally even a budget from the landlord if the remodel is related to safety, structure, or genuine home needs. 

Some of these remodel projects are things you can do yourself. For larger tenant remodels, reach out to Dhe Best to learn how our team can ease the process.

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