Minimalist and Maximalist Home Design: What’s Your Style?

Minimalist and maximalist home design are opposites in what they do for your home. Both are canvases for works of art in home design. It all depends on your preference. Do you like a clean space with sharp lines, limited clutter, and unique storage space? Do you, perhaps, prefer a cluster of artwork and some mismatched chairs? 

Read through this Dhe Best Construction blog to learn all about minimalist and maximalist home design. From types of home designs to house floor plans, there are many ways you can organize your home build and design. The schools of thought of minimalism and maximalism are two other ways to view the design of your home. 

Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist home design is characterized by:

  • Simplicity
  • Clean lines and home design features
  • Monochromatic color choices
  • Open floor plans
  • Functionality 

The concept of minimalism rests in a space of efficiency and limited reliance on material goods. It’s meant to create an easy lifestyle and an open home.

Maximalist Home Design

On the other end of the spectrum, maximalist home design is rooted in:

  • Many patterns
  • Bold colors
  • Excess in everything–making use of reclaimed remodeling materials
  • Busy spaces
  • Variety all around

The overall guiding principle of maximalism is decadence. It’s about having all your favorite things, all packed in and artfully cramped. 

3 Decisions of Minimalist and Maximalist Home Design

Choosing between minimalist and maximalist home design can help prepare you to make all your home design decisions. First, however, you have to choose between the two. You can go with a mix, but the decision remains. Ask yourself these three questions to get the ball rolling.

3. Do You Enjoy Collecting Items to Display At Home?

Do you enjoy collecting items to display at home? Do you have them on bookshelves, in cabinets, or stored away? This is a basic starter question, it’ll help you find your sense of home design.

2. What Amount of Space Are You Working With?

Do you have the room to have a cluttered space? Maximalism can be overwhelming in a tiny home. That said, if done right, a small space can be a comfortable haven if you fill it with all the right cozy items. This question is more telling in terms of what you can do with your design.

1. What Do You Think of When You Imagine Your Home Aesthetic?

Do you picture gallery walls, mismatched furniture, and bursts of color? Is your imagined space more calm, open, and filled with soft accents? Follow your heart and you’ll end up with a space that suits you perfectly.

Minimalist and Maximalist Design Choices For Your Home: Find Your Style 

Choosing between minimalist and maximalist home design gives you a solid guiding principle to drive your home design decisions. With an ultimate vision, one of the best ways to plan your dream home, you’ll be set to make decisions at each turn. Reach out to Dhe Best Construction for help in designing and creating your dream home. 


Home Design Projects for Fall: 6 Autumnal Home Updates

The best home design projects for fall are the ones that prepare your home for winter. They could be mini remodels, remodels for master bedrooms, or updates on your outdoor home additions for entertaining. They’re the counterpart of home remodels for warm weather, to give you home remodel options all year long. 

If you’re curious about when you should update your home before winter, now is the time. Before the smell of snow fills the air, you want to make sure your home is ready for those chilly months. These six ideas will winterize your home design.

6. Upgrade Your Insulation

Upgrading your insulation is one of the more practical tips on this list. This is an opportunity to lean into environmentally friendly home upgrades. Most importantly, however, it’s helpful to make sure you’re ready for winter. Get your insulation checked and make any upgrades now to stay warm and cozy.

5. Install Your Dream Fireplace

Have you been dreaming of having a fireplace since you bought your home? Now’s the time to make those dreams a reality. As a bonus, putting time into a stunning fireplace is one of the best ways of creating a design focal point in your home. 

4. Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is one of those home upgrades that can make a huge difference for a small amount of work. This can be a quick weekend project. The impact of refreshing your kitchen will last far longer than the entire project. 

3. Convert Your Attic Into a Chic Space

Sometimes, before the winter hits, you might look for a way to revamp part of your home to make an extra cozy space. Converting your attic into a chic space is a good option to scratch this remodeling itch. You can update it to be a reading room, home office, or simply a cozy place to sit and watch the snow.

2. Inspect and Repair Your Roof

Before the winter weather kicks in, inspecting and making any necessary roof repairs is paramount. Even when you use the best roofing materials, you’re going to need repairs from time to time. September and October are some of the best months to check your roofing situation and get it taken care of before the winter months. 

1. Add to Your Outdoor Lighting

Most of the time, you’ll end up using your outdoor spaces less in the winter months. That said, for those times when you do want to venture outdoors, having more lighting around is critical for your happiness. From fairy lights strung from the trees to outdoor lamps, light up your yard to extend the coziness of your home. 

Fall Home Design Projects: Get Your Home Ready for a Cozy Winter 

From low impact renovations to the best fireplace options, there are options to prepare your home for the winter and get renovations done. Dhe Best Construction can help you plan and execute your home remodel plans in time for winter. Reach out today!

Creating a Design Focal Point: 6 Design Focal Point Ideas

Creating a design focal point is a way to center your home design efforts and give structure to home remodel projects. You could be doing a remodel for many reasons, from creating storage space to making environmentally friendly home upgrades. Whatever the reason, creating a design focal point makes it easier to keep your project on track, because you have a clear goal.

In this Dhe Best Construction blog, we’ll walk you through six options for focal points in your home. Any of these can suit you, the question is, which one will be best for the overall design of your home? 

6. An Expansive Staircase

Unique staircase options are one way to create a functional focal point. You can go with a grand staircase. You could create a storage space staircase that doubles down on functionality. Heck, you could build a staircase that leads into a hidden room. The options are endless for a staircase that centers your home.

5. Prominent Artwork

Prominent artwork is an option for creating a design focal point that centers on your personal taste. It’s a particularly good option for remodels for a master bedroom. That’s because your bedroom is one of the best places for artwork that makes you smile.

4. A Feature Wall

A feature wall, which is a wall with a particular design, can draw focus in any room. You could make use of reclaimed remodeling for wall paneling. This type of featured wall could fit as part of a statement home entryway or a cozy living room. It can be the artwork of a room or a bold part of an overall artistic aesthetic.

3. A Bold Fireplace

The best fireplace options for creating a design focal point are the ones that draw out the best features throughout the room. This can mean choosing a mantel color that shows up throughout your space. It could be having some accent features that match your light fixtures or statement furniture. Whatever it is, a fireplace is the center of your design.

2. Stunning Lighting Fixtures

Stunning lighting fixtures are a good plan for any home and any room. You can go for a big statement focal point with a chandelier. More subtle options, like cove lighting for a soft effect, can also create a calming focal point.

1. Unique Flooring

One of the benefits of custom home building is that you can design your home from the actual ground up. This gives you ample room to find your focal point. One major option is to use unique flooring. Checkered tiles, reclaimed wooden flooring, or dyed concrete are options to create a central view of your home from a unique perspective.

Design Focal Points: What’s Going to Draw Your Focus? 

As you’re creating a design focal point you’ll find the balance of your dream home along the way. The home design process, from design to physical building blocks, is an adventure for every homeowner. Pair up with Dhe Best Construction on your adventure, and connect with our home design experts today. 


Landscape-Inspired Architecture: Home Design For Locations

The practice of landscape-inspired architecture is all about matching your home to your yard, your neighborhood, or any nature around you. Different types of home designs give you many choices for landscape-inspired architecture.

One of the benefits of custom home building is the ability to choose from detailed options for home design. From different house floor plan types to reclaimed remodeling, there is so much you can do to make your home unique. 

All those decisions can be geared toward matching the landscape you’re building in. Read on to learn how you can build and blend ideas to match your location.

6 Tips for Architecture Inspired By Your Landscape

Landscape-inspired architecture is all about bringing the outdoors into your home, to create a more inviting space. When you include natural elements, shapes, and accents in your design, your home becomes an extension of everything you love in nature. These six tips will help you find the landscape-inspired architecture that works best for your home.

6. Use Natural Materials for Siding

Using unique siding options dresses up any home and can do wonders for connecting your home to your landscape and surrounding nature. You can pick from stone, wood, or a mix of the two to match your scene.

5. Take Advantage of Windows

All types of windows will be useful in landscape-inspired architecture. The more you open your space to the outdoors, the more you’ll see a blend of the two. A wall of windows to let in the landscape is a great choice.

4. Lean Into Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a way of increasing your connection to nature at home through using nature directly, indirectly, and in relation to your space. This is the crux of landscape-inspired architecture. Studying biophilic design practices will help you along.

3. Design Around Open Floor Plans

An open floor plan is one of the most natural internal shapes for a home. It flows smoothly, without inorganic angles. An open floor plan will instantly give your home a greater connection with nature.

2. Build with Organic Shapes

Building with organic shapes applies to every area of your home. For the outer architecture, leaning into modern bubbles and domes is a good way to ease into the landscape. Indoors, curves and soft edges will continue the connection with natural shapes.

1. Create Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Creating indoor-outdoor spaces is the ultimate way to bring the landscape into your home. You can create outdoor home additions for entertaining, with windows and open space. These will be the areas that most connect your home to your surroundings. 

Architecture Inspired By Your Landscape: When Nature and Architecture Notions Collide 

These ideas for landscape-inspired architecture are some of the best ways to brighten your home. They work well as home remodels for warm weather, to open your home up to the sunshine. If you’re looking to upgrade and bring in the outside world, reach out to Dhe Best Construction and work with our experts today. 

Types of Ceiling Designs: 6 Main Types of Ceiling Designs

The types of ceiling designs you can have in your home (or office space) are more varied than you might think. Yes, there are your standard ceilings. We at Dhe Best Construction love a crisp ceiling providing a clean slate to design the rest of your home around. That said, there are many exceptional types of ceiling designs that step it up a notch. We’ll cover them in this post.

6. Vaulted Ceiling Design

A vaulted ceiling design is a type of ceiling choice that shares many similarities with other entries on this list. It’s a ceiling designed with exposed beams and an almost-dome shape. The difference is that it’s not rounded, it arches up and meets a soft point. A vaulted ceiling design is perfect if you want something elegant, but not overly extravagant. 

5. Coved Ceiling Design

A coved ceiling design is a beautiful, unique option. It has an inset space, generally in the middle of the ceiling. Lighting is placed within the inset part of the ceiling to create a soft ambiance. It’s perfect for small, intimate rooms. It would pair well with unique bathroom tiling designs or as part of a master bedroom remodel

4. Coffered Ceiling Design

A coffered ceiling design is a pattern that can fit many different spaces. It’s created with panels in squares along the entire ceiling. Imagine a series of identical picture frames providing the structure of your ceiling. It’s suitable for homes, and also perfect for corporate office remodels. You can make it artful with paintings within the frames of the design.

3. Beamed Ceiling Design

A beamed ceiling design is quite similar to a vaulted ceiling design, with one key difference. A beamed ceiling doesn’t necessarily end in a soft point at the center of the roof. You can make a beamed ceiling in any space. The exposed beams can work in additional property structures, or anywhere within your home. 

2. Dome Ceiling Design

A domed ceiling is one of the most stunning options on this list. It’s a full dome, and that domed space can be filled with paneling, stained glass, or even hand-done works of art. It’s especially suited to grand entrance halls, or nooks of your home where you want something unique above you in an otherwise cozy space. 

1. Stretched Ceiling Design

A stretched ceiling design is what you might think of as a standard ceiling. It’s one continuous ceiling of whatever your chosen material is. It works for all house floor plan types. You can dress it up with unique types of windows around the walls to make your space extra special.

Ceiling Design Types: Style, Elevated In Your Home 

Choosing from these types of ceiling designs can help you elevate your home design. You can pair these ideas with statement home entryways or reclaimed remodeling projects. They allow you to enjoy the benefits of custom home building as you create your dream home. The experts here at Dhe Best Construction can help you along. Reach out to get started today. 

Update Your Walls Without Repainting: 8 Paint-Free Updates 

If you’re looking for a mini remodel or low-impact renovation, a good idea to lean into is to update your walls without repainting. Paintless updates can be quick and simple. If you choose, they can also be a larger project that changes your home on a substantial level, still without paint. 

From remodels for master bedrooms to statement home entryway ideas, these eight ideas fit many areas of your home. Read on through this Dhe Best Construction blog to learn all the best options to update your walls without repainting in the process. 

8. Get Creative with Wallpaper

Getting creative with wallpaper is one of the least extensive options on this list. You can transform a room with wallpaper in a short amount of time. It even works as a remodel for rental units!

7. Discover the Softening Qualities of Fabric Panels

You can amp up the coziness of your home with fabric panels on your walls. These panels muffle sounds for an ambiance that will make your home the coziest space to relax and unwind.

6. Create a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is another easy task for a long weekend. You can use reclaimed remodeling techniques to find old frames and fill your walls with the design of your life in photographs. 

5. Turn Your Walls Into Windows

When you’re visualizing and planning your dream home or revamping it, turning your walls into windows can be a way to open and personalize your space. It’s a way to make your walls unique, without any paint at all!

4. Tile Your Walls

Tiling your walls can work for any room, but it’s especially suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. You can lean into unique bathroom tiling designs to dress up your space. Tile in the kitchen can be incredibly efficient for cleaning purposes.

3. Lean Into Wooden Paneling and Designs

Wooden paneling and designs can be especially welcome in designing a guest room. It creates an instantly homey sensation. When you have guests come to visit, a room with wooden detailing will help them settle in straight away.

2. Build Built-In Bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves are the perfect mix of functional and aesthetically pleasing. With built-in shelves, you can design the colors of your walls yourself with the spines of your books and the knickknacks you collect. 

1. Create a Chalkboard Wall

Technically speaking, creating a chalkboard wall will require using chalkboard paint. We put it on this list because it doubles as a wall design you can make your own in every way, every day. 

How to Update Your Walls Without Repainting: Outline Your Space  

To update your walls without repainting is a task that fits all along the scale of home remodeling work depending on the design you choose. You could turn these remodels into long projects that reshape your home. They could also be weekend projects to finish with ease. Whichever the case may be, reach out to Dhe Best Construction for expert support in your home remodel projects.

Unique Staircase Options: 8 Unique Staircases for Your Home

When you’re visualizing and planning your dream home it’s well worth your while to look into unique staircase options. In custom home building projects and home renovations, a unique staircase is a way to turn a functional part of your home into something fanciful. These eight unique staircase options are an idea of what you can include to step up your home design.

8. Switchback Staircases

Switchback staircases, also known as halfback, half-turn, or u-shaped stairs, feature a sharp turn halfway up. Specifically, there are two staircases going in opposite directions, with a landing to connect both flights. This landing connection is what creates the switchback design that steps these up as a standard staircase design.

7. L-Shaped Staircases

L-shaped staircases, also called quarter-turn staircases, are two perpendicular flights of steps. They connect at the landing with a 90-degree angle. They’re well suited for tight corners, to provide depth and a classic look with a minimal staircase design.

6. Winder Staircases

Winder staircases are very similar to l-shaped and quarter-turn staircases. The difference is that winder staircases don’t have a landing. They’re one long continuous set of stairs. They do often have a larger stair or two in the place where you would expect a landing to be. 

5. Curved Staircases

Curved staircases are one of the most statement-making unique staircase options. They are one long sweeping staircase with a curve, and a curved banister to match. They are one of the most expensive options, as they’re difficult to design and build. They are, however, completely worth it if you have a room where you want something grand and functional.

4. Bifurcated Staircases

Bifurcated or split staircases are another option that is firmly in the grand, sweeping category of types of staircases. Bifurcated staircases start out with a broad flight at the bottom, which narrows as it goes up to a roomy landing. That landing splits into two sets of narrower staircases going to each side. 

3. Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases, created with a central post with spiraling stairs, are one of the most delightful types of staircases. They’re a perfect touch of whimsy to any area of your home, indoors or outdoors. 

2. Floating Staircases

Floating or open staircases, featuring treads with no risers, to create an open look, are a nice balance between classic and unique staircases. They can fit in with any design and any staircase material.

1. Storage Staircases

Storage staircases, with built-in shelving, are one of the most practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing options on this list. They’re unique in that you can design the storage for your unique needs. 

Unique Staircases For Your Home: A Step Above the Rest 

These unique staircase options add an extra element to your home design. They can be used in storage space remodels, statement home entryways, and even in additional property structures. Our team at Dhe Best Construction can help you find the right places in your home for a unique staircase. Reach out today!

The 4 Best Ways to Visualize and Plan Your Dream Home

When it comes to custom home building and the types of home designs you can choose, the options are endless in the best way. There are choices from unique bathroom tile designs to the best kitchen countertop materials to make your kitchen an inviting space. You can run through ideas for years before settling on your dream home setting.

The question is, how can you bring those ideas together, as a formulated plan for building your home? The answer: all our tips in this Dhe Best Construction blog! In this post, we’ll walk you through the best ways to visualize and plan your dream home, to make your dreams a reality. 

Creating Home Development Plans

Before we dive into the four best ways to visualize and plan your dream home, it’s time to learn how to create home development plans. Creating home development plans is about much more than picking out colors and choosing your home style. You need blueprints and functional plans to bring your dreams to life. For those, working with a design team is vital.

On this list, you’ll see several solutions involving bringing in a design team. It’s something you should do sooner rather than later, to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

4. Search for Inspiration Everywhere 

Start your planning by looking for inspiration everywhere. Check out homes in your dream neighborhood. Walk around areas of your town to get a feel for architectural possibilities. Devour home improvement blogs. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and you never know when it will strike.

3. Create a Home Design Scrapbook

As you find inspiration, start a home design scrapbook to piece it all together. You can fill it with magazine clippings, sketches, and photos you’ve taken along the way. This scrapbook will be the beginning of bridging the gap between informal plans and concrete steps to take.

2. Work with Architects Early On

Working with architects early on, after you’ve started to get an idea of what you like, will help you stay practical. There will be a balance between what you dream up and what will actually work. Bringing in the pros early on will help to ease that balancing act.

1. Create Blueprints and Mock-Ups

Creating blueprints and mock-ups will come along with your work with an architect and construction company. Blueprints will give you a firm idea of what you’re going to build. They’ll also serve as the official guidelines once the home construction begins. Blueprints are one of the most tangible steps in creating your home.

Visualizing Your Dream Home: Build Your Plans with the Pros 

These best ways to visualize and plan your dream home give you the tools to create a cohesive home. You’ll take your dreams from the pages of a scrapbook and magazines to blueprints ready to be used in your home construction.

Dhe Best Construction can also help in that regard. Our team of home renovation and home design experts can help you bring your ideas to life. Reach out and get started today

Storage Space Remodels: 4 Functional and Aesthetic Choices

Storage space remodels are one of the most functional home remodel projects. They can pair with statement home entryways and mini remodels all around your home. The best part is, storage space remodels are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional in daily life. In this Dhe Best Construction blog, we’ll walk you through the best remodels and why you need them.

When Should I Remodel for Storage Space?

When it comes to home remodels, there are often lots of questions about when you should do a particular type of remodel. There are home remodels for warm weather, specific projects for strategic home updates, and tips on where to start a home remodel if you’re not sure where to begin.

For storage space remodels, the main tip is to remodel when you find yourself starting to need storage. Keep an eye out for clutter or for any times when your current storage situation isn’t working for you anymore. From there, start your remodels soon to avoid storage chaos.

Functional and Aesthetic Storage Space Remodels

Storage space remodels walk the line between functional and aesthetic as they blend into your home. These four remodel options are some of the classics for a reason: they can work for virtually any home. If you’re in need of a little more storage, one of two of these will be perfect. If you need a lot more hidden space, all of these can be combined in one home.

4. Under-the-Bed Storage

Under-the-bed storage is splashed across the pages of every home improvement magazine. The variety of beds you can buy with pre-built storage is exceptional. You can also design a custom storage area for your bed with the help of experts.

3. Built-In Storage Benches

Built-in storage benches are best for any of your main living areas. From a love seat in the living room to low benches in your entryway with storage space inside, storage that doubles as a seat is a win-win.

2. Built-In Staircase Shelving

Built-in staircase shelving has been taking over the interior design world for years. If you’re looking for something creative and useful in your home, it’s a perfect choice. Shelves along the back side of your stairs can be ideal for books, shoes and boots, or any items that need a specific home.

1. Innovative Kitchen Drawers

Innovative kitchen drawers are open to your needs and interpretation. One common option is vertical spice racks that can be built into an existing cabinet space. You could also use cupboard space built into your kitchen island to make it even more functional. Wherever you have unused space in the kitchen, think about what you can do with a drawer or attachment in that area.

Remodeling for Storage Space: Storage to Spice Up Your Home 

These storage space remodels range from things you can do over a long weekend to major projects you should lean on professionals for help with when the time comes. For all those major remodels and projects you have in mind for building your dream home, reach out to Dhe Best Construction to get in touch with our experts today. 


The Best Remodels for Corporate Offices: 6 Unique Options

The best remodels for corporate offices are the projects that take a place made for work and make it fun as well. Remodeling a corporate office with dynamic choices can be similar to remodeling for a home office

From the types of windows you can use to mini remodels that amp up the space, the best remodels for corporate offices cover a lot of ground. These six options are a good place to start.

6. Amp Up the Natural Light

Amping up your natural light in an office space is an instant mood booster. You can do this with skylights, picture windows, or both. Your employees will thank you, and your office will be a much more open, inviting space.

5. Give the Option of Personalized Offices

If your corporate offices have a variety of office spaces, from corner offices to cubicles, personalized options in a remodel will make your space more unique. You can give a variety of set options, from low barrier walls to glass block windows for a fun view of the office. 

4. Lean Into Branded Artwork and Color Schemes

Whatever your business is, your offices can be a space to highlight your brand. This will tie together your offices and make them a space that inspires your employees. It will also give clients a feel for your business when they come to visit. Accent walls with your brand colors, and even branded artwork with your logo, can help bring the space together. 

3. Provide Multiple Work Spaces with Varied Seating

The best remodels for corporate offices have a focus on the overall space, but they also should have a specific focus on the well-being of your employees. People work well in different settings and seating spaces at different times. Give them plenty of options, from desks to couches to a kitchen area with community tables. 

2. Discover Acoustic Furniture and Surfaces

One important aspect of designing a unique, inviting corporate office is the use of comfortable spaces. You can enhance comfort throughout the offices with acoustic furniture and surfaces. From wooden egg chairs for private work spaces to fabric and cushions to dampen sound, creating a space that is auditorily friendly is key.

1. Create an Open Kitchen Space

For your employees, one of the best remodels you can do is to create an open kitchen space where they can enjoy lunch, dinner, and even office happy hours. Your kitchen is a good space to incorporate other ideas from this list, such as great windows and a variety of seating options.

The Best Unique Remodels for Corporate Offices: Sprucing Up Your Office Space 

These six ideas for the best remodels for corporate offices are excellent on their own. They also serve as a jumping-off point for other remodels you think up for your office space. To brainstorm corporate office remodels, reach out to Dhe Best Construction and get started today. Our team of remodeling experts can help you plan and execute the best remodels for corporate offices.