Outdoor Home Additions for Entertaining: 4 Key Tips

Outdoor home additions for entertaining are one of the most exciting home renovation projects. It’s a space you can use by yourself, or with friends and family for get-togethers. Dhe Best Construction can help with the conceptualization and building of your new home remodel space. 

4. Find a Centerpiece

No, we don’t mean something along the lines of a dining room table centerpiece! For your outdoor entertaining area, a centerpiece could be a large fountain, a gazebo, or a sleek patio fireplace. The centerpiece you choose is the focal point of your home addition. 

A good rule of thumb in decorating and remodeling is to find an item or design style you enjoy. Once you find it, build the rest around that focus. If you choose your centerpiece early on, you can build your entertainment area around it from the beginning. 

3. Invest In Seating

When it comes to finding suitable seating for an outdoor entertainment area, you have to strike a balance between comfortable and durable. The outdoors can be rough on cushions and unfinished materials used to make furniture. 

The trick is to build around your seating space. Your seating includes not just the physical seats, but the structure around–or over–the seating space. One of the best options to protect your seating and make a cozy, enclosed space, is to build an awning or patio cover. A simple wooden and aluminum structure will do, but you can pick and choose other materials too!

2. Focus on Lighting

Once your home addition for entertaining is completed, you’ll likely be spending plenty of evenings out there. You may even enjoy some time in the morning, by yourself or with your family having coffee and breakfast. In both these instances, you’ll need a little extra light. 

It’s good to have a variety of outdoor lighting available. Start with built-in overhead lights. These can be bright, strong beams of light, for when it’s really quite dark out. You should also include some lamps and even some twinkle lights. You can accentuate your major lighting with some candles kept on hand for those nights when you need a little more comfort. 

1. Create a Getaway

Creating a getaway is the main goal of building outdoor home additions for entertaining. It can be a getaway for you to relax in by yourself at the end of the day. It can also serve as a space for guests every weekend, to enjoy time together in a beautiful space.

Every design choice for your outdoor home addition should help make it a cozy place where you can relax and have fun. Dhe Best can help you bring those dream designs to life. 

Home Additions for Outdoor Entertaining: Turn on the Lights, Bring Out the Cushions

Outdoor home additions for entertaining are the perfect way to spruce up your house. They benefit you and the people you love to spend time with. When you’re ready to start planning your outdoor home addition, reach out to Dhe Best Construction to work with our team of experts. 

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