Unique Staircase Options: 8 Unique Staircases for Your Home

When you’re visualizing and planning your dream home it’s well worth your while to look into unique staircase options. In custom home building projects and home renovations, a unique staircase is a way to turn a functional part of your home into something fanciful. These eight unique staircase options are an idea of what you can include to step up your home design.

8. Switchback Staircases

Switchback staircases, also known as halfback, half-turn, or u-shaped stairs, feature a sharp turn halfway up. Specifically, there are two staircases going in opposite directions, with a landing to connect both flights. This landing connection is what creates the switchback design that steps these up as a standard staircase design.

7. L-Shaped Staircases

L-shaped staircases, also called quarter-turn staircases, are two perpendicular flights of steps. They connect at the landing with a 90-degree angle. They’re well suited for tight corners, to provide depth and a classic look with a minimal staircase design.

6. Winder Staircases

Winder staircases are very similar to l-shaped and quarter-turn staircases. The difference is that winder staircases don’t have a landing. They’re one long continuous set of stairs. They do often have a larger stair or two in the place where you would expect a landing to be. 

5. Curved Staircases

Curved staircases are one of the most statement-making unique staircase options. They are one long sweeping staircase with a curve, and a curved banister to match. They are one of the most expensive options, as they’re difficult to design and build. They are, however, completely worth it if you have a room where you want something grand and functional.

4. Bifurcated Staircases

Bifurcated or split staircases are another option that is firmly in the grand, sweeping category of types of staircases. Bifurcated staircases start out with a broad flight at the bottom, which narrows as it goes up to a roomy landing. That landing splits into two sets of narrower staircases going to each side. 

3. Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases, created with a central post with spiraling stairs, are one of the most delightful types of staircases. They’re a perfect touch of whimsy to any area of your home, indoors or outdoors. 

2. Floating Staircases

Floating or open staircases, featuring treads with no risers, to create an open look, are a nice balance between classic and unique staircases. They can fit in with any design and any staircase material.

1. Storage Staircases

Storage staircases, with built-in shelving, are one of the most practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing options on this list. They’re unique in that you can design the storage for your unique needs. 

Unique Staircases For Your Home: A Step Above the Rest 

These unique staircase options add an extra element to your home design. They can be used in storage space remodels, statement home entryways, and even in additional property structures. Our team at Dhe Best Construction can help you find the right places in your home for a unique staircase. Reach out today!

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