Statement Home Entryway Ideas: 6 Unique Entryway Plans

The entryway to your home is the first place visitors see when they walk in the door. From longtime friends to new acquaintances coming by for a visit, these statement home entryway ideas are sure to impress everyone who comes into your home. 

You can work these upcoming ideas into an existing design, or experiment with them as one of the benefits of custom home building. Read on for six unique entryway ideas of artwork and mini remodels to design your home from the front door onward. 

6. Stained Glass In Your Door

Adding stained glass to the front door of your home dresses up your entryway before you’ve even opened the door! For doors with a window in them, you have the option of installing a stained glass window. Alternatively, you can hang a stained glass piece of artwork in front of the window.

5. Bold Tile Designs

Bold tile designs can spruce up any area of your home. For the entryway, a bold tile choice for the floor will bring the design from the ground up. It’s also a functional option. Tile is easy to clean, which is perfect for a space where shoes are consistently worn in and out. 

4. Personalized Outdoor Gear Storage

The entryway to your home is the place where all your outdoor gear–including shoes and boots, jackets, and umbrellas–ends up. Whether you’re building a home in a warm climate or living in a place with snow and ice, storage space for that gear is critical. You can make it a part of your design with custom storage cupboards in fun colors, and match the design of your home.

3. Double Doors

Double doors bring a unique design choice to any place in your home. You can have them on additional property structures, or in a master bedroom remodel. They’re especially stunning for your front door. From wooden doors to French doors, a double-door entrance is sure to stun any guest in your home.

2. Give a Glimpse Of Your Home Style

Your entryway is the first impression guests will get of your home. For you, your family, and your friends who visit regularly, your entryway will swiftly become a part of the home you are all used to. Tie it into the rest of your home by putting pieces of your general home style into your entryway. 

1. Lean Into A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can be a wonderful accent in any room of your home, and it’s especially delightful in your entryway. If you have a particular style of artwork you love, work with that style. If you’re looking for inspiration, a mix of photos of you and your loved ones, along with outdoor adventures, will suit the space. 

Statement Entryways: What Statement Does Your Home Make?

These six statement home entryway ideas are perfect for starting your home with the right design choices. As you implement the ideas that speak to you, keep the rest of your home in mind to create a seamless design from the front door all the way to the backyard. 

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