Best Ways to Brighten Your Home: 7 Light, Bright Plans

When the warm weather comes around, it’s the right time to find the best ways to brighten your home. These seven home renovations and upgrades are some of the best ways to brighten your home no matter what type of update you want. From light updates to major remodeling projects, Dhe Best Construction can help you bring the light into your home. 

7. Bright Artwork

Bright artwork comes in at number seven on the list. It’s not a remodel, but it can be highly effective for brightening your home. If you’re looking for something simple and changeable, adding in bright artwork is a good place to start. It might even inspire you to switch up some paint on your walls, or add a new window. 

6. Accent Walls

Accent walls are a step above the work level of adding in some bright artwork, but they have a similar effect. If you have a room that doesn’t have much light, adding an accent wall with an uplifting color is a good move. Painting one wall is much easier than painting them all, and it creates a unique art piece that’s built into your home.

5. Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows might seem counterintuitive since the colored glass will change the light that comes into your home. When you choose the right colors, however, a stained glass window can be an enhancement on natural light. Another option is to hang a stained glass piece of art in front of a window, to create the same effect. 

4. Pastel Accents

If your remodel goals cover a range, from painting to custom designs, bringing in accents is always a good choice. For the light factor, pastel accents are the way to go. You can choose a pastel paint for your walls, or a pastel shade for your fireplace mantel. The shades will lighten and open your home.

3. Window Walls

A wall of windows is one of the more intensive but ultimately extraordinary options of the best ways to brighten your home. Sometimes one window isn’t enough. Remodeling a wall into a series of windows gives you maximum natural light. A bonus comes in with pastel curtains–and a blackout option for the evening.

2. Skylights

Skylights are a timeless choice from the best ways to brighten your home. A skylight can brighten any room, and create a magical effect in the evening as well. Big or small, skylights bring in light and open your home to natural light and the outdoors. They’re perfectly suited to be a home remodel for warm weather.

1. Bay Windows

Adding a bay window comes in at number one because it can be the most work, but the resulting effect is oh-so-worth it! A bay window in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom gives you extra seating space where you can directly enjoy the sun. It doesn’t get better than that!

Brightening Your Home: Bringing In the Sunshine

The best ways to brighten your home give you natural light every day of the year. Even on rainy days, bright paints and open designs bring in that light feel. If you’re looking to make a change and brighten up your home, reach out to Dhe Best Construction today!

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