Building Homes In Warm Climates: 5 Key Tips and Tricks

When it comes to building homes in warm climates, there are tips and tricks you can use to make the most of your home. These tips make use of ideas from warm weather remodel plans to additional property structures. You can tie these into master bedroom remodels, and even mini remodels for a quick project. 

This Dhe Best Construction blog on building homes in warm climates gives you the building blocks of creating a warm-weather home. These five tips and tricks will make your home comfortable through all the warm weather.

5. Plan Windows with the Sun

The start of any custom home building project will revolve around where you want your windows, and how many you want. For building homes in warm climates, window placement is especially important. You should consider having windows in places to let in the sun, but also keep it cool. Window treatments and shade protectors will also come in handy.

4. Consider Pavers

For your outdoor spaces that branch out from your home, pavers are a great option compared to raised wooden decks. Different paver options in terms of pigment can help you avoid dark colors that absorb heat. On top of that, pavers sunk into the ground will remain cooler than raised decks. Overall, pavers give you a cool (temperature- and vibe-wise) space to hang out.

3. Build Outdoor/Indoor Spaces

When you’re building homes in warmer climates, you can take advantage of the climate as much as you need to prepare for it. While you want your home to remain cool, spaces that step into the outdoors will help you enjoy the warm weather. Indoor/outdoor spaces, like a covered patio or sunroom, will help you achieve that balance.

2. Choose a Lighter Roof

The goal of choosing a lighter roof is all about having a roof surface that will reflect and bounce away the heat. A dark roof will draw in heat and slowly cook away at the temperature in your home. A light shade of roof, either painted light or made of light materials, will minimize the heat that sticks around.

1. Don’t Forget about Insulation

A lot of the time, when folks hear about insulation they think about heating for a house. Yes, insulation helps to keep homes warm. It also helps to regulate home temperatures. For building homes in warm climates, insulation is especially important in your roof. It helps to keep the heat of the sun from being overwhelming.

Home-Building In Warm Climates: Build For the Warmth, Keep In the Cozy Vibes

Building homes in warm climates is all about finding ways to make a home comfortable, no matter the heat. That means insulation to regulate temperatures. It relates to greenery for cooling your space. It covers the colors you use and the materials. 

There are plenty of factors involved in building homes in warm climates. Reach out to Dhe Best Construction today to lean on our experts in building your home. 

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