Remodels for Master Bedrooms: 6 Master Bedroom Renovations

There’s never a bad time for remodels for master bedrooms. If you’re looking to spruce up a space for a big impact on your quality of life, your bedroom is a great option. You spend approximately one third of your entire life asleep. The place you sleep should be perfectly curated for comfort when you’re asleep and awake. 

In this Dhe Best Construction blog post, we’ll walk through some of the best remodels for master bedrooms. Of all the home renovations you can do, these are some that will benefit your life immensely from the moment you implement them. These six remodels for master bedrooms will get you started.

6. Build In a Window Seat

Building a window seat into your master bedroom is an excellent option. It’ll help make your master bedroom a place you can hang out in, even when you’re not sleeping. A window seat can add storage space at the same time that it adds personality and design. 

5. Upgrade Your Lighting

Every room in your home can benefit from upgrading your lighting. Some of the best ways to brighten your home are as simple as adding some new lights. If you want something unique for your master bedroom, a skylight will give you new light, and a great view at night!

4. Make a Statement with Artwork

Yes, it’s true, remodels for master bedrooms often include more than new artwork. When it comes to making a statement with artwork, however, there are so many options. You could make a gallery way with some thrift store frames. You could also go big and create a mural on your wall. 

3. Update Your Walls

Updating your walls can be an extremely personal touch. It can start with a new color of paint–perhaps from the 2023 house color trends. You could lean into reclaimed remodeling with reclaimed wood for a statement wall. Ultimately, your walls can be as much of an accent in your master bedroom as you like. It depends on the materials and upgrades that suit your sleep. 

2. Build Out Your Living Space

Several of the remodels for master bedrooms on this list are focused on your living space. If you’re looking to redesign your master bedroom, highlighting that focus is a good option. You can do this with creating a living room space with chairs and a couch. Additional storage space and a fireplace can also help create a living space beyond your bed.

1. Center the Room On Your Bed

Centering your master bedroom around your bed is one of the best ways to give your master bedroom a central focus. Your bed is, afterall, the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. From upgrading your bedding to creating an accent wall behind the head of your bed, you can create an intentional sleeping space.

Master Bedroom Remodeling: Master Your Sleeping Space 

Remodels for master bedrooms are one of the best things you can do for your home. If you’re looking to start your remodel, reach out to Dhe Best Construction. Our team of home remodel experts can help you find the right balance for your master bedroom. 

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