Choosing a Fixer-Upper: 6 Fixer-Upper Selection Factors

Choosing a fixer-upper house is something you may relate to for yourself, or because you’re looking to do a home remodel and eventually sell. Whatever your reason is, choosing a fixer-upper is something to be done with care. Not every fixer-upper is built the same, and choosing the right one is of critical importance. Read on for six tips for choosing a fixer-upper.

6. Choose Your Location Carefully

For choosing a fixer-upper, choosing your location is about two equally important factors. One is the factor of the current area. Is it a good neighborhood? Is it developing? 

The second is closely related, but it’s all about the future of the location. This isn’t something you can know for sure. A fixer-upper in a space that is close to an urban center, with great potential for homes, is a good choice.

5. Consider Overall Home Size

When it comes to choosing a fixer-upper, the house you buy isn’t always the same house you’ll end up with. This relates to everything, from paint to materials to the actual layout of the home. 

The rooms may change, but the one thing likely to remain the same is the overall size of the home. A home that could fit a few bedrooms and two bathrooms is a plus, even if the current layout isn’t what you’re looking for.

4. Follow Inspection Recommendations

Following the recommendations of your house inspector is always important, but it’s especially important when you’re choosing a fixer-upper home. If your home inspector says the house has irreparable damage, listen to them. There are many issues you can fix, but there will always be some you can’t and that’s not a good option for a fixer-upper.

3. Consider Cost-to-Fix Ratios

A big part of the impact of buying a fixer-upper falls on your budget. You’ll end up spending more than the initial house cost with the amount of repairs you’ll face through the remodel. When you’re choosing a fixer-upper, make sure you consider the cost-to-fix ratio. If it’s going to be an atrociously expensive project, keep searching for the right fixer-upper. 

2. Plan Your Timeline

A big part of the work of buying a fixer-upper home comes in the timeline of how long you’ll be doing home renovations. It’ll take a lot of time, there’s no doubt about it. When you’re choosing a fixer-upper, planning your timeline, no matter how long it is, will help you have a clear picture of your project.

1. Think About Living or Reselling

There are a few reasons why people choose a fixer-upper as their home option. Typically, either you’re buying it to move in and work toward your dream home, or you’re going to resell. 

Both of these options have benefits and risks, but neither is better than the other. The decision about which one is right for you, however, is something you should have your mind made up on before you buy.

Finding Your Fixer-Upper: Fixable or a Flop?

Choosing a fixer-upper can be a stressful situation. It’s finding a home, checking the possibility of a location, and considering remodels, all in one go. When you’re looking to find a fixer-upper and make the right decisions with fixing it up, reach out to Dhe Best Construction. Our home remodel experts can help you fix up your dream fixer-upper. 

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