Communal Rooms In Home Renovations: 4 Key Communal Spaces

There are many areas of your home where renovations can bring friends and family together and make your house a home. When you’re facing a home remodel, it’s worthwhile to consider communal rooms for home renovations. 

Communal rooms for home renovations can mean something different for every home. There are traditional living rooms, and less traditional but equally delightful spaces. 

These four key communal spaces can have a place in many homes. The question is, which one is right for you? 

4. Living Rooms and Family Rooms

Living rooms and family rooms are the most common communal rooms for home renovations. Odds are you already have a space in your home dedicated as a living or family room. Assuming that’s the case, it’s never a bad time to spruce up that room and make it even more inviting.

You can do a simple paint job, or you could go all out with a fireplace and some new design features. Your living room is the place in your home where you should feel the most comfortable–beside the comfort of your own bed. It should give you peace and comfort, and a place to spend plenty of time with loved ones. 

3. Gaming Rooms

Gaming rooms aren’t unheard of, but they’re certainly rare. You’ll likely be adding one to your home if this is the communal room renovation for you. For people who enjoy video games, the gaming room is often a solo space, or even just an area in an office.

When you make a gaming room communal, it becomes less of a solo venture and more of a place to bring friends. It can be a mix of video and board games. You can decorate it with inlaid shelving for games, and the right built-in lighting for optimal gaming comfort. 

2. Theater Rooms

Theater rooms often get crossed with gaming rooms. There’s a reason for that: sometimes they are a very similar space. That said, having a dedicated theater room is perfect for any home where you can gather to watch movies together. 

If you want to go all out, you can add in theater seating, surround sound, and an intricate TV shelving area. Add in the right ambient lighting and cushy carpeting to complete the theater experience. 

1. Bar and Entertainment Spaces

Bar and entertainment spaces are extremely popular when it comes to communal rooms in home renovations. You can create a full bar space in your home with a bar top, pool table, and dart boards. You could create a lounge atmosphere with the right decorations and lighting. 

Bar and entertainment spaces come in at number one because of how easy they are to achieve. Any current room in your home can be used for this space–well, within reason. It’s an achievable and impactful home renovation. 

Communal Spaces: Living Together, Room by Room

Communal rooms in home renovations are a beautiful way to bring your home together and find time to connect with the people you love. That’s the goal of any home renovation. Dhe Best Construction can help you get there. Reach out today! 

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