Best Fireplace Options: 5 Choices to Make with Fireplaces

The best fireplace options cover a range of questions and choices. When you’re choosing a fireplace, you’re probably thinking about the color, and certainly the heat source, but what else are you planning? How much have you looked into your options to make the right choice in every way?

These five choices to make with the best fireplace options will help you learn more about what goes into choosing the right fireplace. A fireplace serves as the center of the room it’s in, and often as the center of your home. Making the right choices will help you enhance your home with a remodel, and stay warm all year long.

5. Wood, Gas, Electric, or Ethanol

Deciding what you’ll use for the heat source of your fireplace is one of the most practical choices you have to make. With wood, gas, electric, and ethanol, this can be a quick decision, and it should be one of the first ones you make. Many homes have electric fireplaces these days. It’s a good option that’s often the most efficient. The others, however, could be perfect for you and your home.

4. Stone, Wood, or Metal Mantels

The next decision is all about the material of your mantel. Wood is one of the most common. It fits the build of many homes and can be extremely customizable. That said, stone and metal can be exceptional options, with beautiful and unique designs. Choosing your mantel is similar to tiling your bathroom, it’s a matter of taste and functionality.

3. Free-Standing, Built-In, Open Hearth, or Wall-Mounted 

Once you’ve settled on many of the design and function choices from the best fireplace options, it’s time to make some concrete build decisions. Do you want a free-standing, built-in, open hearth, or wall-mounted fireplace? Any of these can be perfect for any home. Built-in is common, but when you’re building from scratch, you can choose whichever option fits you best.

2. Indoor or Outdoor

There was a time when the practice of getting an outdoor fireplace was more focused on fire pits than actual built fireplaces. These days, there is so much you can do with outdoor entertainment spaces. When you’re looking at the best fireplace options, choosing whether you have an indoor or outdoor fireplace is one of the most exciting decisions. 

1. Modern, Classic, or In-Between

Choosing between modern, classic, or in-between design choices is one of the aesthetic focuses of the best fireplace options. It comes in at number one because it covers all of the choices on this list. It’s all about personal choice. It’s also something you should decide early on, because it will have an effect on all your other choices for the best fireplace options.

Choosing the Best Fireplace: Mantel to Hearth Choices

Once you’ve studied the best fireplace options, it’s time to jump in and get started on your fireplace project. Dhe Best Construction can help make your fireplace plans a reality. Reach out today!

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