House Floor Plan Types: 3 Foundational House Floor Plans

Learning about house floor plan types is useful for current homeowners, and anyone looking into buying or building their first home. From buying a home to home additions to home remodels to custom home building, house floor plan types are a foundational part of designing your home. If you’re choosing a fixer-upper, for instance, you’ll want to check out the floor plan.

There are three main house floor plan types. In this Dhe Best blog, we’ll walk through the three types. We’ll discover what each type is and the benefits of each one. Whether you’re buying or building a home, thinking about a remodel, or you’re just curious about home floor plans, this is the place for you.

Traditional Closed House Floor Plans 

The first of the house floor plan types are traditional closed house floor plans. Closed floor plans are a home where every room is boxed off. Generally, this means there’s a main hallway and doors to each room. Older styles of homes often have closed floor plans, as it was the main floor plan in use for many years. It’s excellent for noise reduction around the home. 

Contemporary Open House Floor Plans 

The next type of floor plan, contemporary open house floor plans, have been increasing in popularity for decades. Open floor plans are a house with limited closed doors. There are open arches between rooms and often low connecting walls. Open floor plans are great for air circulation, and for making your home feel inviting.

Custom House Floor Plans 

Custom house floor plans give you the best of both worlds. The benefits of custom home building mean you can have a house that is a mix of closed and open. Closed bedrooms, with a good barrier between them from the rest of the house, are our recommendation. Open areas are ideal for the kitchen, dining area, living room, and any other shared spaces.  

Which Floor Plan Is Right For You? 

Choosing from the house floor plan types is something you can reason your way through, but it’s entirely a personal decision. Does your family need a space with closed-off rooms for people to focus on work, school, and everything in between? Do you live alone, and appreciate an unobstructed view across your home? There is no wrong choice among the types of floor plans.

Floor Plan Alterations

If you’ve bought a home with a floor plan that you’d like to change, there’s never a bad time for a home remodel. Maybe you’re designing a guest room or remodeling for a home office. Changing floor plans even works with remodels for master bedrooms. If your floor plan doesn’t suit you, altering it is a worthwhile home construction effort.  

House Floor Plans: Planning Your House From the Floor Up 

If you’re looking to make changes to your floor plan or build a home from the ground up with your custom floor plan, reach out to work with Dhe Best Construction today!

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