Reclaimed Remodeling: 5 Timeless Reclaimed Materials

There’s something timeless about doing a home remodel using reclaimed materials. There has been an upsurge in the last decade or so of using reclaimed materials in home remodels and decorating trends. That said, the practice has been around for much longer. Using older materials to create something new is an age-old practice.

The upcoming five reclaimed materials will never go out of style. They’re beautiful, sustainable, and resourceful. If you’re looking for help with using them, Dhe Best Construction can assist you. 

5. Wooden Flooring

Reclaimed wooden flooring can take a lot of work. The wear and tear that builds up over the years will need to be resanded and refinished. Anyone who has done flooring will tell you that’s intensive work. Dhe Best can help you there!

When you find the right wooden floorboards you’ll have a masterpiece on your hands–or under your feet. Reclaimed wood is often some of the most durable material.

4. Butcher Block Countertops

Using reclaimed wood for butcher block countertops is one of the most innovative ways to use reclaimed materials. You’ll use a fair amount of wood and end up with something new. However, it’ll be a reminder of the lifespan of each piece of wood you use. 

Butcher block is typically pieced together with hard maple, teak, birch, and walnut. Sourcing these types of hardwood will help you find the right combination. 

3. Windows

The best thing about using reclaimed windows in your remodel is the personality of each window. Since windows can be cut in unique shapes you’ll find some interesting options. You’ll also have the option to keep the old window frame. This adds to the antique aesthetic. 

You can source reclaimed windows from antique sales or stores of reclaimed goods. You may even find some excellent windows by wandering by when someone is remodeling their home. 

2. Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are among the best items you can source for reclaimed remodeling. They are often in good condition. If something needs to be fixed, it’s often a re-sanding or simply a new coat of paint. You can enhance reclaimed doors with an antique door handle. 

Wooden doors can be found everywhere from an estate sale to an antique store to a reclaimed material junkyard. You never know where you might find the right door for your home. 

1. Salvaged Marble

When it is well cared for, marble is one of the most durable materials in building and designing homes. That’s not to mention how beautiful it is. You can source old slabs of marble for a variety of projects. 

The first project you might think of is kitchen countertops. You can also use marble as a vanity topper, accents in your bathroom, or as a coffee table top. 

Remodeling with Reclaimed Materials: Something Old, New to You

Remodeling with reclaimed materials is a sustainable and timeless way to upgrade your home. If you’re looking for help with designing your home with reclaimed materials in mind, reach out to Dhe Best Construction today. 

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