Where To Start A Home Remodel: 3 Key Starting Points

There’s a question that vexes every homeowner when it comes time to tackle a home remodel project. That question is, where to start a home remodel? Where do you begin? Which room? Which aspect of your home? The answer is different for every home and every homeowner.

Here at Dhe Best Construction, we can help you with every step of your home remodel process. We can even offer insights into where to start a home remodel for you. That first step, however, is something you can consider for a while before you start your remodel project. These three key starting points will give you something to consider before you begin the remodel.

3. Decide on the Brand of Your Home

Deciding on the brand of your home might sound strange. How can a home have a brand? It all comes down to the overarching definition of a brand. A brand is the aesthetic, the design choices, and the theme of a space or idea. For your home, the brand is the general look, the pieces you choose, and the architectural elements you include. 

If you’re building a new home you can choose a brand from the start. If you’re remodeling a pre-existing home, make each decision with your brand in mind. It’ll help you create a home that is tied together. 

2. Choose Accent Remodel Spaces

If you’re looking to remodel but you don’t want to completely reshape your home, choosing a few accent spaces is a great option. An accent remodel could be a new kitchen island, an accent gallery wall, or a new deck if you’re feeling ambitious. It’s anything that spruces up your home without completely overhauling your space. 

An accent space remodel can be the main project, or it could lead to a larger remodel. Either way, it’s a good place to begin. Once your accent project is completed you’ll have a better idea of what you want to do next.

1. Start with the Room You Use Most Often

When it comes to choosing a room to begin your remodel the best choice is the room you use the most. For a lot of homes, this is the kitchen. It could also likely be your bedroom or the living room. It is entirely dependent on your home and lifestyle. 

This room is a good place for your accent remodel. It can also be a good place to build out the brand of your home. Making sure this room suits the overall design you want for your home is important. It will guide you in further remodels and make your home the space you want to spend all your time in. 

Starting a Home Remodel: Decide, then Demo

Choosing where to start a home remodel is the first step toward creating your dream home. If you’re looking for help with any step of that process, reach out to Dhe Best today. Our team of experts can help with everything from conceptualization to the physical work of reshaping your home.

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