Small Corporate Office Design Ideas: 6 Design Elements

Of all the best remodels for corporate offices there are unique options for small corporate office design ideas. When you’re in a small office space there is only so much space to work with and make the most of. Mini remodels and low-impact renovations will be your best friend. Read on through this Dhe Best Construction blog for six of the best small corporate office design ideas.

1. Vertical Storage Solutions

Storage space remodels are the bane of remodels and decorating. There’s simply never enough room! In small corporate offices, the best storage solution is a vertical solution. If you have a collection of documents, binders, or anything that can be shelved, start with a tall vertical shelf. Add an aesthetic step stool to match.

2. Multipurpose Rooms

Small corporate office design ideas focus on doing the most you can with a small space. One of the best things you can do is design multipurpose rooms for office use. These can be modified into breakrooms, conference spaces, or creative collaboration centers as your team’s needs shift and grow.

3. Tech Integration

In this digital age, tech integration to some degree is a must. You can implement tech integration through smartboards, intelligent coffee machines, and virtual reality support for meetings. You’ll find your office and team moving with better collaboration and less time wasted. As tech continues to advance you can add more and more integrations.

4. Virtual Conference Support

Speaking of tech integration, virtual conference support is an absolute must. Everyone does virtual meetings these days, in every industry and every office. Having a great system set up and ready to go with speakers and a quiet room is the way to be ready for all these virtual calls. If you’re a design company you can even set up a green screen for added visual elements.

5. Biophilic Elements of Design

Biophilic elements of design, meaning the inclusion of nature, both direct and indirect, and natural textures, breathe life into corporate offices. You could add a balcony overlooking a park, bring in more plants, and include more natural building materials. All these additions make the office a better place to be no matter the season and greenery outside.

6. Color Psychology Accents

Color psychology, which is the act of using specific colors to affect moods and decisions, is a powerplay design move. You can create an office with varying mood spaces to create workflows and chill break zones. From creating a design focal point with an accent wall to using paper to update walls without repainting, color psychology accents are beautiful and useful in every office.

Design Ideas for Small Corporate Offices: Spiff Up Your Office Space 

These six small corporate office design ideas spruce up your office and make people want to come to work for more than passion and career goals. These tips also work for remodeling a home office. Whatever your commercial and corporate remodel needs are, Dhe Best Construction is here to help. Contact us today to learn about our office remodel services. 


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