Creating a Design Focal Point: 6 Design Focal Point Ideas

Creating a design focal point is a way to center your home design efforts and give structure to home remodel projects. You could be doing a remodel for many reasons, from creating storage space to making environmentally friendly home upgrades. Whatever the reason, creating a design focal point makes it easier to keep your project on track, because you have a clear goal.

In this Dhe Best Construction blog, we’ll walk you through six options for focal points in your home. Any of these can suit you, the question is, which one will be best for the overall design of your home? 

6. An Expansive Staircase

Unique staircase options are one way to create a functional focal point. You can go with a grand staircase. You could create a storage space staircase that doubles down on functionality. Heck, you could build a staircase that leads into a hidden room. The options are endless for a staircase that centers your home.

5. Prominent Artwork

Prominent artwork is an option for creating a design focal point that centers on your personal taste. It’s a particularly good option for remodels for a master bedroom. That’s because your bedroom is one of the best places for artwork that makes you smile.

4. A Feature Wall

A feature wall, which is a wall with a particular design, can draw focus in any room. You could make use of reclaimed remodeling for wall paneling. This type of featured wall could fit as part of a statement home entryway or a cozy living room. It can be the artwork of a room or a bold part of an overall artistic aesthetic.

3. A Bold Fireplace

The best fireplace options for creating a design focal point are the ones that draw out the best features throughout the room. This can mean choosing a mantel color that shows up throughout your space. It could be having some accent features that match your light fixtures or statement furniture. Whatever it is, a fireplace is the center of your design.

2. Stunning Lighting Fixtures

Stunning lighting fixtures are a good plan for any home and any room. You can go for a big statement focal point with a chandelier. More subtle options, like cove lighting for a soft effect, can also create a calming focal point.

1. Unique Flooring

One of the benefits of custom home building is that you can design your home from the actual ground up. This gives you ample room to find your focal point. One major option is to use unique flooring. Checkered tiles, reclaimed wooden flooring, or dyed concrete are options to create a central view of your home from a unique perspective.

Design Focal Points: What’s Going to Draw Your Focus? 

As you’re creating a design focal point you’ll find the balance of your dream home along the way. The home design process, from design to physical building blocks, is an adventure for every homeowner. Pair up with Dhe Best Construction on your adventure, and connect with our home design experts today. 


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