Types of Home Designs: 12 Types of Home Design Styles

There are many great types of home designs and styles. Whether you’re purchasing an existing home or building your own dream house, the options are endless. You can lean into modern architecture or go for a Gothic build. Of course, you can also put your own twist on a classic design–whether you’re building your home or not. 

There are certain types of home designs that are separate from this list. Those designs are choices like apartments, condos, townhomes, and detached homes. Choosing which of those home types is right for you is important. When it comes to design, however, these upcoming 12 types of home designs are the most important choice. 

12. Farmhouse

A farmhouse home is built with the structure of a traditional farmhouse attached to a barn. The rustic design–minus the animals–makes this a quaint home. 

11. Tudor

Tudor homes are distinguished by steep gable roofs, elaborate masonry chimneys, embellished doors, plenty of windows, and half-timber decorations. They’re a step into an old English village.

10. Tiny Home

Tiny homes can be any style of home. With so many tiny homes popping up these days though, the tiny home has taken on a design all its own. 

9. Ranch House

A ranch house is generally a single-story home with an open floor plan. Ranch homes are often built wide, with an L or U shape. They are ideal for an open, inviting design.

8. Greek Revival

The most prominent feature of Greek revival homes is the columns along the face of the home. Greek revival homes are about symmetrical style reminiscent of Greek temples. 

7. Colonial

Colonial homes are built to honor the tradition of U.S. Colonial-era homes. These homes are defined by a rectangular shape, gabled roofs, symmetrical windows, neutral colors, and flat exterior walls. 

6. Victorian

Victorian architecture involves ornate designs and stunning maximalism. A classic Victorian home features a steeply pitched roof, plain or painted brick, painted iron railings, cathedral-style rooftop finials, and turrets.

5. Contemporary

Contemporary home designs are all about simple, minimalistic looks. Contemporary homes often feature open floor plans, neutral colors, large windows, and clean lines. 

4. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern homes are occasionally mistaken for contemporary homes. The difference lies in the 1950s nostalgia. That nostalgia is tied into mid-century modern homes with a wider color palette and a focus on nature within the home.

3. Beach House

The beach house design is most notably marked by its proximity to a beach, but the house has several distinct features. Those features include an open floor plan, natural materials and textures, light and bright colors, and a simple, streamlined design. 

2. Mediterranean

Mediterranean homes are defined by a red-tiled (often terracotta) roof and brick or stucco that’s painted white. The homes feature accents of stone detailing, carved doors, and metalwork over the door and windows. 

1. Spanish

Spanish style homes are highlighted by their uniformity, simplistic designs, and stucco, adobe, or stone exteriors. They typically have tile or stone roofs, and they stick with earth tones for the exterior color palette.

Home Styles: What’s Your Style?

Now that you know what’s out there, it’s time to decide. What’s the right home design and style for you? Reach out to Dhe Best Construction to get to work on your dream home. 

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