Designing a Guest Room: 7 Features of a Great Guest Room

As you’re working on a home remodel, one area to pay close attention to is designing a guest room. Similar to remodeling for a home office or remodels for master bedrooms, designing a guest room comes with particulars for the space. These seven features of a great guest room will guide you in designing a guest room you and your guests will love.

7. Create a Functional Closet

Creating a functional closet takes on a new meaning when it comes to designing a guest room. In terms of space, you’ll want a large enough space for storage and living needs. You should include built-in storage and space for anything your guests may be traveling with. 

6. Add Luxury In the Bathroom

When friends or family are visiting, every area of the guest room is something that will make their travels more comfortable. One area you should focus on for additional comfort is the bathroom. From towel warmers to a water filter on the showerhead, adding luxury in the bathroom will enhance the entire guest room experience. 

5. Provide Homey Touches

One of the key details of designing a guest room rests in the homey touches you use. These touches cover the types of windows you have in your guest room, to implementing the best ways to brighten your home. It should be a space that feels like home for whoever is staying in it. 

4. Invest In the Mattress

As it is with any bedroom, you can never overestimate the importance of a good mattress. When you’re designing a guest room, choose a mattress that works for a variety of sleep styles. Something nice and soft, with good support, will fit the bill. 

3. Plan for Luggage

There’s one particular feature of designing a guest room that usually doesn’t show up in other rooms in your home. That feature is the need for storage space for luggage. When guests come to stay, they’ll likely have a couple of suitcases, backpacks, duffles, and various other luggage containers. You should include open, large storage areas where luggage can be tossed. 

2. Choose Timeless Designs

Choosing timeless designs for a guest room helps you create a space that fits any guest, and seamlessly suits your home. Ideas range from the best fireplace options to unique bathroom tile designs for any space. Design choices that will always fit your home are particularly helpful in guiding a guest room design.

1. Think About Seating

One of the most important functional aspects of designing a guest room is the seating you choose for the room. When you have guests come to stay, while they’ll be spending time with you, they’ll also need downtime in the guest room. Some comfortable seating, be it a couch or a window seat, will help them feel right at home.

Creating a Guest Room: Getting Ready for Your Guests 

Designing a guest room involves style choices, home accents, and renovations to create a space that is inviting for all your guests. If you’re looking to make changes to your guest space, reach out to Dhe Best Construction. Our home renovation experts can help you craft a space your guests will love.  


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