Environmentally Friendly Home Upgrades: 6 Innovative Updates

Environmentally friendly home upgrades are a perfect choice for any home remodeling project. No matter your house floor plan type or style, there are eco-friendly upgrades you can incorporate into your home. The list ranges from mini remodels to large projects, and all of them can help upgrade your home for you and the environment.

If you’re updating your master bedroom or diving into the benefits of custom home building, you can use these six options to lean into environmentally friendly home upgrades and renovate your home with the planet in mind. This Dhe Best Construction blog is the place to start discovering how to make your home more eco-friendly. 

6. Sustainable Flooring

Sustainable flooring is an environmentally friendly home update you can do while building your home, when you’re a new homeowner, or as a later renovation. There’s never a bad time for it. Green bamboo flooring, natural linoleum, or sustainably-sourced wood flooring are some excellent options.

5. Solar Panel Heating

Solar panel heating has been growing in popularity in recent years as a way to manage home heating with a renewable resource. Solar panels can work for any home, in any location. Your weather doesn’t matter, whether you have sunshine every day or rain on a regular basis. Solar panel heating is a more extensive remodel, but it’s worth it for long-term environmental benefits. 

4. Efficient Lighting

Efficient lighting is a small change you can make in your home to make a measurable difference over time. Switching to LED can help, and as you search for the bulbs you need, you’ll find there are many companies that specialize in lighting for eco-friendly purposes.

3. Reclaimed Materials

Using reclaimed materials and working with reclaimed remodeling ideas is an environmentally friendly home upgrade option you can use all around your home. From reusing types of windows to unique siding options, reclaimed materials make any home upgrade environmentally friendly. Avoiding new waste in home remodeling is one of the best environmental options.

2. Dual-Paned Windows

Dual-paned windows are a key upgrade for energy efficiency in your home. Dual-paned windows make your windows a more active part of the insulation of your home. They cut down on energy usage and costs, and make your home comfortable all year round. They’re especially helpful when you’re building a home in a warm climate.

1. Programmable Thermostat System

A programmable thermostat system is one of the environmentally friendly home upgrades that give you direct control over your energy usage on a regular basis. A programmable thermostat gives you the ability to set your home temperature and cooling system, so you don’t expend home energy on heating or cooling when you don’t need it. 

Innovative, Environmentally-Minded Home Updates: How Eco-Friendly Is Your Home?

These six environmentally friendly home upgrades range from small weekend projects to major home upgrades. For the big projects to make your home environmentally friendly, reach out to Dhe Best Construction. Our team of home renovation experts can help you design a home renovation with the environment as part of your plan.

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