Home Design Preservation: 6 Methods of Blending Old and New

Home design preservation is a subset of home design saved for doing low-impact renovations on unique, precisely designed homes. If you’ve got a house that was built by a notable designer or is distinctive of a specific time period, home remodeling becomes a more careful procedure. 

In this Dhe Best blog, we’ll walk you through some critical practices of home design preservation in renovations. Whether you’re doing mini remodels or upgrading with environmentally friendly updates, these six tips will help you maintain your home’s style while finding your own design.

6. Refinish Your Woodwork

Among all of the types of home designs you could be working with, odds are there are woodwork features in your home. From sideboards to flooring to trim details, refinishing that woodwork gives your home a fresh look without changing any of its character details.

5. Invest In Window Restoration

You don’t have to change the design type of windows in a home to update your windows. The best choice for window restoration in a home design preservation project is getting treatments done or buying new, updated windows in the same style as the original windows. Some reclaimed remodeling can even help you update your frames with something new to you.

4. Upgrade Your Appliances

Upgrading your appliances is both a home safety and aesthetic choice. For safety, it’s best to upgrade older appliances to avoid issues later on. For aesthetics, if you’re working with a design from a specific time period, look for appliances either made then or modeled in that vintage. 

3. Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

A good kitchen remodeling project is always a facelift for your home. When it comes to home design preservation one of the best kitchen options is to update your cabinets in an impactful, but not design-focused way. You can add a coat or two of new paint, or even sand and refinish them.

2. Preserve Your Flooring

The original flooring of many homes is something to be looked after. You can add upgrades like a radiant floor heating system, but keep the materials in good shape. This particularly goes for old wooden flooring or intricate marble or cement designs. 

1. Make Room for Built-In Storage

Storage-space remodels are excellent for any home and can be particularly useful in home design preservation methods. You can keep the unique staircase of the home and build in bookshelves on the back. You could update all the built-in seating with hidden storage. The options work wherever you have a little extra space.

Preserving Home Designs: What’s the History of Your Home? 

Incorporating home design preservation into your renovation projects keeps your home grounded while allowing room for improvement. You can use intentional home design to match the current flow and update your home to suit you. 

Whatever your home design needs are, Dhe Best Construction can help. Reach out today to meet our team and start planning your home renovation, addition, or remodeling project. 

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