Minimalist and Maximalist Home Design: What’s Your Style?

Minimalist and maximalist home design are opposites in what they do for your home. Both are canvases for works of art in home design. It all depends on your preference. Do you like a clean space with sharp lines, limited clutter, and unique storage space? Do you, perhaps, prefer a cluster of artwork and some mismatched chairs? 

Read through this Dhe Best Construction blog to learn all about minimalist and maximalist home design. From types of home designs to house floor plans, there are many ways you can organize your home build and design. The schools of thought of minimalism and maximalism are two other ways to view the design of your home. 

Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist home design is characterized by:

  • Simplicity
  • Clean lines and home design features
  • Monochromatic color choices
  • Open floor plans
  • Functionality 

The concept of minimalism rests in a space of efficiency and limited reliance on material goods. It’s meant to create an easy lifestyle and an open home.

Maximalist Home Design

On the other end of the spectrum, maximalist home design is rooted in:

  • Many patterns
  • Bold colors
  • Excess in everything–making use of reclaimed remodeling materials
  • Busy spaces
  • Variety all around

The overall guiding principle of maximalism is decadence. It’s about having all your favorite things, all packed in and artfully cramped. 

3 Decisions of Minimalist and Maximalist Home Design

Choosing between minimalist and maximalist home design can help prepare you to make all your home design decisions. First, however, you have to choose between the two. You can go with a mix, but the decision remains. Ask yourself these three questions to get the ball rolling.

3. Do You Enjoy Collecting Items to Display At Home?

Do you enjoy collecting items to display at home? Do you have them on bookshelves, in cabinets, or stored away? This is a basic starter question, it’ll help you find your sense of home design.

2. What Amount of Space Are You Working With?

Do you have the room to have a cluttered space? Maximalism can be overwhelming in a tiny home. That said, if done right, a small space can be a comfortable haven if you fill it with all the right cozy items. This question is more telling in terms of what you can do with your design.

1. What Do You Think of When You Imagine Your Home Aesthetic?

Do you picture gallery walls, mismatched furniture, and bursts of color? Is your imagined space more calm, open, and filled with soft accents? Follow your heart and you’ll end up with a space that suits you perfectly.

Minimalist and Maximalist Design Choices For Your Home: Find Your Style 

Choosing between minimalist and maximalist home design gives you a solid guiding principle to drive your home design decisions. With an ultimate vision, one of the best ways to plan your dream home, you’ll be set to make decisions at each turn. Reach out to Dhe Best Construction for help in designing and creating your dream home. 


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