Best Features of Finished Basements: 6 Tips for Basements

The best features of finished basements are all about making a hidden space in your home into a welcoming, comfortable communal area. A basement can be a dark space, used for storage and not much else. When you craft a finished basement, however, you can turn it into an inviting space. 

These six best features of finished basements are a mix of small changes and more intensive choices. You can mix your favorite types of home remodel tips into these features, from reclaimed remodeling to designing a guest room for the basement. Whatever direction you take for your finished basement, these six tips will get you headed there.

6. Lighting Variety

No matter what else you include in your basement, make sure you invest in lighting variety. Some of the best lighting for a finished basement is recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is often more energy-efficient than other types of lighting. In addition to being eco-friendly, recessed lighting does an exceptional job of brightening up the corners of your finished basement. 

5. Built-In Bar Space

A built-in bar space is one of the best features of finished basements. It gives your communal space in the basement a central focus. Your built-in bar can have traditional bar fixings, but it’s also a great place to store any of your favorite beverages. Having easy access to food and drinks in your basement makes it a more complete space to spend time in.

4. Bright Paint Choices

Bright paint choices are an absolute must for your finished basement. When you’re in a space without natural light, the best features to focus on are the ones that add lightness to the ambiance. Whether you like a classic white paint or a mix of pastels for the walls, keep it light. 

3. Concealed Storage

Many of the best features of finished basements focus on the use of your basement as an active place to spend time. Concealed storage spaces are less about creating a hangout space, and more about the function of a finished basement. Built-in cabinetry and closet space are perfect for a finished basement. 

2. Furniture Built for Comfort

Many of the best features of finished basements are based on making it a comfortable space. If you’re looking for one key place to invest in that comfort, furniture is a good place to start. A cozy couch and deep armchairs will go a long way toward turning your finished basement into a part of your home you want to spend time in. 

1. Secret Door Entrances

Of all the features on this list, a secret door entrance for your basement is one of the most exciting options. You can make your basement into an intriguing space with the use of a hidden door in a shelf or wall. It’s more construction-intensive than the other features on this list, but it’s oh-so worth it!

Features of Finished Basements: What’s Your Finishing Touch? 

These six options for the best features in finished basements will turn your basement into one of the coziest areas of your home. If you’re looking to revamp your basement into a social space, reach out to Dhe Best Construction to work on designing your dream basement. 

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