8 Fundamental Industrial Home Design Decisions and Materials

When you enter into the custom home-building process, all types of home designs are open to you. If a home built on contrast and stark design suits you, these industrial home design decisions and materials are the place to start. Read through this Dhe Best Construction blog to learn why industrial home design could be the choice for you.

Industrial Home Design Decisions

These four industrial home design decisions are some of the most effective ways to bring an industrial feel into your space. They can be part of the building of your home for any house floor plan type, or a piece of remodels along the way.

1. Raw Material Usage

Some of the most industrial raw material usage is built around unfinished wood, concrete, brick, and metal. You’ll see these come up in our industrial home design materials. These elements instantly add an industrial edge.

2. Neutral Color Choices

Neutral color choices complement the open-to-interpretation space of an industrial home. You can put your own touches into other areas, keeping the palette neutral for a blank industrial canvas. Black, cream, and gray are key places to start.

3. Utilitarian Furniture

Your utilitarian furniture should be balanced between industry and comfort. Clean lines, simple shapes, and minimal ornamentation are all must-haves. Aim for comfort with plush, neutral-toned cushions, and gray throw blankets. A pop of color in a few pillows will add quite the splash.

4. Exposed Structural Elements

Exposed structural elements, including beams, pipes, and ducts, complete your industrial home design. These elements take away the polished look of a home without removing any of the comfort and personalization. 

Industrial Home Design Materials

Pairing these four industrial home design materials with your industrial home design decisions completes the vision. These materials fit into intentional home design with how you want your home to look, feel, and last. 

1. Raw Concrete

Raw concrete can be used for many spaces in industrial home design. Some excellent options are for flooring, countertops, and walls. Raw concrete provides an instant rough yet polished experience.

2. Metal

Metal pairs with every other industrial home design material. You can work it into your artwork, your interior supports, your exterior siding, and so much more.

3. Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is both industrial and delightfully old-fashioned. It warms up a space just as much as it industrializes your home. Any room in your home can be enhanced by exposed brick for the walls and accents such as your fireplace mantel.

4. Glass

Glass is a versatile material in industrial home design. A great place to start is with large picture windows making up part of your siding for grand views. This also impacts your home lighting choices with the benefit of natural light. Glass also works as a room divider in the form of glass blocks. 

Industrial Home Design: Bring Industry To Your Home 

From minimalist and maximalist home design to environmentally friendly home upgrades, industrial home design has it all! Dhe Best Construction is here to help you create the industrial home of your dreams. Contact us today to get started.  


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