6 Bold and Beautiful Home Lighting Choices For Your Space

These six bold and beautiful home lighting choices for your space are some of the best ways to brighten your home. From specialty lamps to subtle and sophisticated inlaid lighting, illuminating your home has never been more exciting. These can be options for mini remodels or the basis of your home design project. Read on through this Dhe Best blog to learn about lighting options.

6. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, where the lightbulb is set into a concave space in ceilings or walls, is a delicate option among the home lighting choices at your disposal. Recessed lighting can fit any room in your home, and it complements every other type of lighting on this list.

5. Metal Track Lighting

Metal track lighting, where small light fixtures are placed at intervals along a track adorned to your ceiling, is especially perfect for kitchens and hallways. It’s bright and effective and can be a low-impact renovation with the right fixtures. Metal track lighting is best used as accent lighting in your home.

4. Paper Lamps

When you think of paper lamps, the first thing you might think of is smaller paper lanterns. Those are beautiful, but they are far from the only types of paper lamps. There are paper lamps carved into all sorts of designs, to create stunning lighting effects in shadows across your home. You can create a space that is both artful and efficient with a range of paper lamp options.

3. Chandelier Accents

If you’re looking for something spectacular among your home lighting choices, look into chandelier accents. Most commonly used in entryways and dining rooms, chandeliers are an instant elegant upgrade for a home. You can search for unique artful chandeliers or lean into something classic and timeless. Whatever you choose, a chandelier gives your home a jaw-dropping light source. 

2. Skylights

Among all the types of windows, skylights are ideal for smaller rooms, such as bathrooms, closets, hallways, or statement home entryways. Skylights are a great option among environmentally-friendly home upgrades. They also elevate the design of any living space. If you want lighting that feels indulgent and at one with the natural world, skylights are the choice for you!

1. Cove Lighting

Cove lighting is ideal for closets and cave-like spaces in your home. This could be an arched ceiling or even an angled ceiling in a home office. Cove lighting is where you use recessed or strip lighting tucked up into a cove in the ceiling to create a soft glow. It’s cozy and perfect for bringing calm into a room.

Home Lighting Options: Illuminating Your Style

Picking and choosing from these six options for home lighting choices gives you a range of glow throughout your home. When it comes to custom home building with your personal touch in everything from lighting to flooring, no one helps you plan quite like Dhe Best Construction. Reach out to start working with our home design experts today.


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