Tiny Homes: 8 Facets of Unique New Home Construction 

What are tiny homes? Are they a good option compared to traditional types of home designs and house floor plan types? Can they be used as upscale additional property structures? If you’ve thought about tiny homes as an option for your house, answering these questions will come in handy.

Tiny homes are unique in the world of home building. Read on through this Dhe Best Construction blog as we dive into the things you need to know about building and living in a tiny home. 

1. Size and Layout

Size and layout are quite particular in tiny homes and their construction. You have to plan the base layout very carefully, with storage solutions and critical details built into the design. The more detail you include, the easier your construction will be.

2. Legal Needs

Legal needs for tiny homes change from location to location and in terms of your usage. Zoning laws have opened up in different ways across the world. Look up your specific rules and regulations. If you’re unsure about any details, work with professionals to make sure you have every box checked.

3. Foundation Choices

There are three primary foundation choices for tiny home design. Those choices are wheels or trailers, traditional foundations, and skid foundations. Your mobility needs will have quite an effect on your foundation decision.

4. Mobility Concerns

Some tiny homes are built in one place, with no intention of ever moving from that space. Others are built to be mobile, either on a regular basis or as needed for moving. Which option is right for you will depend on where you live and where you want to live.

5. Utilities Setup

The utilities setup of a tiny home is one of the most precise, precarious areas of building the home. From plumbing to electrical, this is one of the parts of construction where you most definitely want to bring in the pros. 

6. Storage Solutions

Storage solutions are the bread and butter of tiny homes. From unique staircase options with built-in storage to bench storage, the more you can fit into your space, the better. Keep your list of possessions in mind as you plan to ensure everything fits comfortably.

7. Multi-Function Furniture and Fixtures

The more multi-function furniture and fixtures in your tiny home the better. You could make light strips that double as magnetic knife holders. Hidden storage is a must in every available space. 

8. Insulation Plans

There is limited room in all tiny homes, but one thing you must make room for is insulation. This cuts down your internal space because of the room it takes within the walls, but it is vital for your comfort. 

Tiny Homes: How Much Space Makes a Cozy Home?

Tiny homes have been making quite a name for themselves since their rise to popularity in the early 2000s. They’ve taken on roles as some of the best environmentally friendly home upgrades. These days tiny homes are popular around the world and can work for many families and home needs. 

Here at Dhe Best Construction, we specialize in new home construction and highly beneficial custom home building. If you’re curious about tiny homes or other types of unique home builds, reach out to chat with our experts today. 

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