Creating Space In Small Homes: 6 Space-Maximizing Projects

There are many benefits to having a smaller, cozy home that perfectly fits your needs. One challenge, however, is the need for creating space in small homes. With a finite amount of space, creativity is required to make your space work in every way. These six options for creating space in small homes can brighten your home and combine function and form.

6. Kitchen Island Accents with Cabinetry

Kitchen remodeling is at the heart of many great home renovation projects. Your kitchen is the center of your home. Centering the kitchen around an island gives you a delightful design and extra space. Dress up your kitchen island with inner cabinets to make it a functional piece of your home design.

5. Wall-Mounted Shelving

Shelving is a space-saving option in and of itself, but it’s especially helpful when you have wall-mounted shelving. Set up with brackets, boards, or folding shelves, shelving that doesn’t take up floor space gives you additional room for books or collectibles. You can even use wall-mounted shelving to elevate a statement home entryway

4. Outdoor Living Expansion

If you’re locked into a smaller home and you want more surface area to work with, outdoor living expansions are a stellar option. There are endless choices for outdoor home additions for entertaining, or for creating a private space outside the house. Be mindful of your climate in terms of how much you can do outside and what types of insulation you need for your outdoor space.

3. Loft Designs

Loft designs in homes are particularly well suited to tiny homes, but they can be helpful for creating space in small homes of all shapes and sizes. One of the most common uses of a loft space is a private bedroom area. You can also build a loft for storage, as an office space, or as a guest bedroom

2. Window Seats

Window seats are a beautiful way of bringing light and space-friendly function to your home. With the right types of windows, they can be an environmentally friendly home upgrade. If you’re working in a living room, bedroom, or office space and seeking a way to have seating and a space-expanding window, a window seat is the perfect choice.

1. Open Floor Plans

Of all the house floor plan types, open floor plans are the best option for creating space in small homes. An open floor plan gives you space to build in storage and keep areas flowing. All types of home designs can work with an open floor plan. You can apply all of the tips in this blog to an open floor plan house and maximize all your available space.

Maximizing Your Home Space: Which Designs Fit Into Your Home? 

Artfully crafted, space-conscious home remodels impact your home from the front to the back door. From storage space remodels to remodels for master bedrooms, the more you make your home work for you, the more you’ll love the design and layout. Dhe Best Construction can help you find that balance. Reach out and start working with our home design experts today!

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