6 Key Large Property Spaces and Home Building Tips

Working with large property spaces is a unique space in the home-building world. The room to visualize and plan your dream home is a lovely blessing, while the size itself can be overwhelming. These key large property spaces and building tips are here to help you make the most of all the space you have to design a home you love.

1. Start with Surveys and Plans

Surveys and plans are the foundation of a successful home built on a large property. Intentional home design starts with a sturdy plan, along with room for new ideas along the way. When working with a large property it’s best to have a good idea of what you want to do with all your space. You can build from that basis of what you want in your home as the design comes together.

2. Consider Your Zoning Requirements

Zoning laws aren’t about your design, but they are crucial to the building of your home. Wherever you live and whatever you want from your home, make sure you know your zoning regulations. This will save you from legal headaches later on down the road. Zoning laws can be affected by location, home size, materials, environmental impact, and more.

3. Minimize Environmental Impact

One of the best ways to make environmentally friendly home upgrades to a new house is to start with minimizing your environmental impact. This means everything from working with sustainable heating options to respecting the ecosystem you’re building in. Take care of your environment, and it’ll take care of you for a long time.

4. Optimize for Utilities Access

On small lots utilities access is easier because your home is close to many other homes. On a large property, consider the access for utilities such as electricity and water, to ensure your home is fully functional.

5. Utilize Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are one of the best ways to take full advantage of large property spaces. From landscape-inspired architecture to outdoor home additions for entertaining, working with your land will make a better home. Additional property structures will make your property more of a home space as well.

6. Consider Orientation In Design

The act of considering orientation in design is all about the question of where the sun shines into your home. Do you want morning light in the kitchen and bedrooms? Is there a space you want to watch the sunset from at night? Consider the home orientation, along with the types of windows, to capture the natural light in your home.

Home Building Tips for Large Property Spaces: A Large Space to Fill (Or Not Fill) 

Designing a home to fit and fill your space is the pinnacle of precise home design. Here at Dhe Best Construction, we work with all house floor plan types and types of home designs. As you plan your home and consider how to complement your space, reach out to work with our home design experts today.


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