Landscape-Inspired Architecture: Home Design For Locations

The practice of landscape-inspired architecture is all about matching your home to your yard, your neighborhood, or any nature around you. Different types of home designs give you many choices for landscape-inspired architecture.

One of the benefits of custom home building is the ability to choose from detailed options for home design. From different house floor plan types to reclaimed remodeling, there is so much you can do to make your home unique. 

All those decisions can be geared toward matching the landscape you’re building in. Read on to learn how you can build and blend ideas to match your location.

6 Tips for Architecture Inspired By Your Landscape

Landscape-inspired architecture is all about bringing the outdoors into your home, to create a more inviting space. When you include natural elements, shapes, and accents in your design, your home becomes an extension of everything you love in nature. These six tips will help you find the landscape-inspired architecture that works best for your home.

6. Use Natural Materials for Siding

Using unique siding options dresses up any home and can do wonders for connecting your home to your landscape and surrounding nature. You can pick from stone, wood, or a mix of the two to match your scene.

5. Take Advantage of Windows

All types of windows will be useful in landscape-inspired architecture. The more you open your space to the outdoors, the more you’ll see a blend of the two. A wall of windows to let in the landscape is a great choice.

4. Lean Into Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a way of increasing your connection to nature at home through using nature directly, indirectly, and in relation to your space. This is the crux of landscape-inspired architecture. Studying biophilic design practices will help you along.

3. Design Around Open Floor Plans

An open floor plan is one of the most natural internal shapes for a home. It flows smoothly, without inorganic angles. An open floor plan will instantly give your home a greater connection with nature.

2. Build with Organic Shapes

Building with organic shapes applies to every area of your home. For the outer architecture, leaning into modern bubbles and domes is a good way to ease into the landscape. Indoors, curves and soft edges will continue the connection with natural shapes.

1. Create Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Creating indoor-outdoor spaces is the ultimate way to bring the landscape into your home. You can create outdoor home additions for entertaining, with windows and open space. These will be the areas that most connect your home to your surroundings. 

Architecture Inspired By Your Landscape: When Nature and Architecture Notions Collide 

These ideas for landscape-inspired architecture are some of the best ways to brighten your home. They work well as home remodels for warm weather, to open your home up to the sunshine. If you’re looking to upgrade and bring in the outside world, reach out to Dhe Best Construction and work with our experts today. 

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