Types of Ceiling Designs: 6 Main Types of Ceiling Designs

The types of ceiling designs you can have in your home (or office space) are more varied than you might think. Yes, there are your standard ceilings. We at Dhe Best Construction love a crisp ceiling providing a clean slate to design the rest of your home around. That said, there are many exceptional types of ceiling designs that step it up a notch. We’ll cover them in this post.

6. Vaulted Ceiling Design

A vaulted ceiling design is a type of ceiling choice that shares many similarities with other entries on this list. It’s a ceiling designed with exposed beams and an almost-dome shape. The difference is that it’s not rounded, it arches up and meets a soft point. A vaulted ceiling design is perfect if you want something elegant, but not overly extravagant. 

5. Coved Ceiling Design

A coved ceiling design is a beautiful, unique option. It has an inset space, generally in the middle of the ceiling. Lighting is placed within the inset part of the ceiling to create a soft ambiance. It’s perfect for small, intimate rooms. It would pair well with unique bathroom tiling designs or as part of a master bedroom remodel

4. Coffered Ceiling Design

A coffered ceiling design is a pattern that can fit many different spaces. It’s created with panels in squares along the entire ceiling. Imagine a series of identical picture frames providing the structure of your ceiling. It’s suitable for homes, and also perfect for corporate office remodels. You can make it artful with paintings within the frames of the design.

3. Beamed Ceiling Design

A beamed ceiling design is quite similar to a vaulted ceiling design, with one key difference. A beamed ceiling doesn’t necessarily end in a soft point at the center of the roof. You can make a beamed ceiling in any space. The exposed beams can work in additional property structures, or anywhere within your home. 

2. Dome Ceiling Design

A domed ceiling is one of the most stunning options on this list. It’s a full dome, and that domed space can be filled with paneling, stained glass, or even hand-done works of art. It’s especially suited to grand entrance halls, or nooks of your home where you want something unique above you in an otherwise cozy space. 

1. Stretched Ceiling Design

A stretched ceiling design is what you might think of as a standard ceiling. It’s one continuous ceiling of whatever your chosen material is. It works for all house floor plan types. You can dress it up with unique types of windows around the walls to make your space extra special.

Ceiling Design Types: Style, Elevated In Your Home 

Choosing from these types of ceiling designs can help you elevate your home design. You can pair these ideas with statement home entryways or reclaimed remodeling projects. They allow you to enjoy the benefits of custom home building as you create your dream home. The experts here at Dhe Best Construction can help you along. Reach out to get started today. 

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