What Is Trending In Home Design? 6 Home Design Trends

When choosing from the different types of home designs there is one question that can guide you in new directions. That question is, what is trending in home design? From 2023’s house color trends to unique tub and shower options, home design trends provide inspiration and direction. 

From mini remodels and low-impact renovations to major bathroom and kitchen remodels, home design trends run the gamut. Read on through this Dhe Best Construction blog to learn about the current home design trends.

1. Modern Rustic Style

A modern rustic style has been sweeping through homes from the west coast to the east countryside. You can do a mix of reclaimed remodeling and modern touches to achieve this cozy vibe. The ultimate goal is to find a rustic style that suits you and your home. Work with different ideas and creative options to visualize and plan your dream home.

2. Soft and Warm Color Schemes

Soft and warm color schemes are both a major blast of design from this year and for the holiday season. The color palette of soft, soothing tones brings a calm energy to any home and any room. They are particularly perfect for master bedroom remodels.

3. Natural Materials

Natural materials are a trend that can fit in any area of your home. You could use slate and wood as unique siding options. Bamboo sliding doors could provide a zen break in your bedroom. Matching these natural materials with environmentally-friendly home upgrades is the best way to go about these renovations.

4. Features of Blue

Blue features in home design have been taking over the color wheel, and it’s no wonder why. Blue is a color that complements many other colors and design choices. It’s soothing and bold. The shade choices are exemplary. Features of blue throughout your home will brighten and ground your space.

5. Unique Island Seating Options

The kitchen is the gathering place of the home. As the place where everyone comes together, there needs to be a great seating arrangement in this space. You can use the best kitchen countertop materials as the centering point of a kitchen island with unique seating options. From fold-out benches to classic stool options with a new material twist, the best seating is comfortable seating.

6. Curbless Showers

Curbless showers are a home design trend that just won’t quit! For safety standards and ease of use, curbless showers bring your bathroom together. Pair them with unique bathroom tile designs for a shower space with a splash. Warm blues and soft tones will create a cozy environment.

Trends of Home Design: Set Trends In Your Home 

What is trending in home design? Which of those trends suit your personal style? How will your style evolve with trends and new home design ideas? Answering these questions takes time, research, and a few home design projects. Dhe Best Construction can help you find your style with trend input. Reach out to work with our home design experts today!


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