Home Design Trends of 2024: 6 Top 2024 Home Design Trends

From the best environmentally-friendly home upgrades to the most unique staircase options, the trends of home design are vast and varied. As we embark upon the new year let’s explore the home design trends of 2024 and what we’re looking forward to this year. 

What paint colors will be in style? How will minimalist and maximalist home design shift and grow? Will common house sizing types follow a new trend? Where will intentional home design lead us in 2024? Read through this Dhe Best Construction blog to learn what we have to look forward to in the home design trends of 2024. 

1. Wall Murals

The accent wall has been the statement home design piece for years on end. This year we’re paying special attention to the building trend of wall murals as the artwork that defines a home. These can be pre-bought roll-on designs or handpainted masterpieces.

2. Metal Decor Elements

2024 is shaping up to be a year of unique materials in unexpected design places. For metal decor elements, which we’ve seen before in unique siding options, the game is changing. We’re seeing a growth of metal in decor such as fireplace designs and kitchen island accents. 

3. Stone Fruit Color Palettes

The 2023 house color trends showed us a mix of bold, soft, and always beautiful colors for different areas of your home. For 2024 we’re looking forward to a mix of colors that can be used in any room. The stone fruit color palettes are the place to start, with peach, nectarine, or apricot colors providing a soothing accent for every space.

4. Maximalist Romanticism

Maximalist romanticism is a very specific type of maximalism. It’s all about bold colors, large florals, rich fabrics and textures, and grand schemes of design. It’s these larger-than-everyday-life designs we have in our future view of home design trends of 2024.

5. Historical Mix-Ins

This particular view of historical mix-ins in the home design trends of 2024 is focused on a blending of many historical time periods. As the year unfolds we’re looking ahead to trends of combining the romantic period with cool modern tones, among other options for historical mix-ins of time and style. 

6. Personality-Driven Interior Design

All types of home designs are driven, in part or full, by your personality. In 2024 we’re excited to see more personality-driven interior design find a foothold. From statement home entryway ideas to designing a guest room, this will be a year of personal preferences taking the main stage.

2024 Home Design Trends: Ring In the New Year with Home Decor 

These home design trends of 2024 set us up for an exciting year of mismatched, ecstatically eclectic home design. If you’re switching up your home in 2024 or embarking on a new home design project, Dhe Best Construction is here to help. Our team of home design and construction experts can bring your dream home to life. Reach out today!


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