Homes Built To Last: 6 Facts of Long-Standing Home Design

Creating homes built to last is the pinnacle of custom home building and home renovations. When you design a home that will stand for generations, it’s easier to maintain and update without headaches. You can work with any house sizing types, home design plans, and floor plans. The elements of homes built to last start from the foundation up. Read on!

1. High-Quality Windows

You’ll find that many of the tips on this list relate to the outer components of your home, starting with the windows. High-quality windows will keep your home warm and cozy through the years. Start by considering the panes and seals that will suit your environment. From there, add window upgrades to regular home updates

2. Strong Framing

Strong framing is the backbone of your home. When the bones are good, the rest of your home has a firm foundation. Some of the best options include wood, concrete, steel beams, and bricks. The right framing materials and design will also depend on your home design type and geographical location.

3. A Quality Foundation

One of the best ways to visualize and plan your dream home is from the ground up. To do so literally is to start with a quality foundation. The type of foundation that is right for you will depend on your home design. It’s also important to consider the ground you’re working with to create a safe home.

4. Accessible Design Features

Accessible design features make it easier to maintain your home over a long period of time. These can include environmentally friendly home upgrades which you can consistently update to remain eco-friendly. They could also come in the form of an open floor plan for design and maintenance. That makes it easier to keep your home up to date. 

5. High-Quality Flooring

You’ll walk through your home every day, in shoes, socks, bare feet, slippers, and more. Make sure the floor is ready for all those steps with high-quality flooring. From hardwood to concrete to tiles to laminate flooring, there are many options to suit all types of homes. The right choice for you could hinge on whether you wear shoes indoors!

6. Timeless Design Elements

Of all the tips around homes built to last on this list, this is the only one strictly dedicated to design. That’s because home designs come and go, while the bones of your home are the lasting pieces. As for design, timeless design elements built around intentional home design are the key to designs built to last.

Building Homes To Last: Standing the Test of Time

Here at Dhe Best Construction, building homes to stand the test of time is the name of our game. Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or wondering where to start a house remodel, we’re here to help. Our team of design and construction experts will lend their experience. Contact us today to get started on designing or redesigning your dream home. 

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